a half cup

That’s how much maple syrup I made today.
It took a over a quart of sap to make it, and it may not be as boiled as some would like but it is just right for me. A quart should actually make about 1/8 of a cup if you stick to the normal amount of boiling. 4 cups divided by forty. But I also had a but more than a quart as the jar was filled to the top.

I have three taps going in one tree so far, it is a huge double trunked tree. Permission given to tap it.

I have two more trees in mind that I’ll try out tomorrow. And I helped one of my many friends named Laura tap two of her trees. I got more than 1/2 gallon in an afternoon (one container had spilled before I got back – and it was the most prolific when I left). They are more secure now.

I’ve never done this on my own, just “helped” so I’m pretty geeked.

I think I can either can or freeze the finished product. So sometime next week I’ll start sorting that out. But tomorrow for breakfast I plan to walk over to the tree, collect more sap, and cook my oatmeal in it. Amazing.


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