A Varied Day

A long day, a varied day. A day with changes. I expected a long difficult day with four clients and a long class. The second client canceled, and I took off for the woods. The garlic mustard is up at Barton Dam. As well as some wild chives. Tasty. I picked some for my class this afternoon. The dam had no ice on it at all, and all 10 spillways were open and cascades of water were pouring from the pond above.

There was some open water in the pond, but not a lot. Nala was in heaven with all the smells and bare patches of ground to smell. The water was fast, and there were pillows of foam on the shore from all the dirty foam created by the cascades.

I had time for a bit of relaxation before getting ready for class. I brought mulberries, black raspberries, pesto and pasta, applesauce, and the garlic mustard and chives. I had asked Gary to teach the class, he is a great and enthusiastic teacher, and it felt right.

It went well. And it was a pleasure to see him in his element so to speak. The kids loved the applesauce and berries, also other things. Didn’t like the high bush cranberries – and were very local about it. It was fun. Everyone participated in some way.

The class is focused on nutrition for now. So it was a great chance to do something different and unexpected. Next class we get into the less fun part – a showing of the film “The Future of Food”. When I talked about the director, Deborah Garcia, they didn’t know who her husband was – Jerry Garcia. Now I feel old.

When I got home I discovered that Nala had not only ripped a hole in the laundry bag so that she could destroy a lot of my underwear, she also learned to open the swinging door to the kitchen, and had removed many many objects from the kitchen and taken them to the living room. She must have pushed open the door multiple times to get in and out. There was a fair amount of damage. And she ran into the basement, guilty as hell.

Another client, another cancellation, so I was able to walk to a meeting called for bicycling advocates to give input towards an application for another recognition as a bicycling friendly community. I learned a bit about the players and the groups. There were about 20 people. More than half men. But the odd part was more than half of them had gray hair. This was an older crowd.

Now what does that mean?

I think mostly that a lot of riders just ride, and don’t think attending meetings has much to do with what they do.

Talking to a friend on the way home – by phone – he observed that Ann Arbor seems downright dangerous to him. Not a bike friendly place at all. But then his comparison is Europe – and he is Dutch. So no wonder.

Home again to a quieter dog who had done no further damage. I’m tired, the house is a disaster, tomorrow will be fine for getting things back in order.

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