berries berries berries

The strawberries have peaked, the slugs enjoyed them but I ate at least one a day.
Suddenly the service berries, mulberries, and black raspberries are all ripe and everywhere I turn. Gary and I have been picking and enjoying, freezing and cooking. Buckwheat pancakes with fresh ground flour, split into three batches – one with service berries, one with mulberries, and one with black raspberries. Oh yum.

There is a huge patch near home, and another at the lake. The freezer is filling up. In the morning I’m planning a pie with a graham cracker/almond/butter and chocolate chip crust with sweetened yogurt and mulberries – bake the pie crust, mix the yogurt, freeze.

And the mulberry tree a few feet from my house is also abundant, with a concrete wall I can stand on to reach higher. There is abundance. Free food. And medicine.
Time to tincture some motherwort, we checked the St. John’s Wort and it is growing but no buds yet so we’ll wait a few weeks. I would like to make some more pesto with yellow dock, the catnip tincture was tested against mosquitoes today and did well. So that is almost ready to be decanted and used a lot – all this rain and they are bad.

So much to keep up with, but it all keeps me outside and eating well and in tune with the seasons. Bliss.

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