wild (but pretty tame) harvesting

The service berries are ripe, as well as mulberries, and cherries. Lots of picking this weekend, as well as randomly the last few days. What is fun this year is that Nala is an enthusiast as well – as I pick form the trees she is scarfing them up from the ground as fast as she can. The previous dogs had no interest, so it is fun to see her enthusiasm!

I have service berries in the freezer, hope to have enough mulberries soon to join them. I’m getting strawberries one at a time from my garden, oh well, it makes me appreciate each bite.

Friday Gary and his daughter and I all contributed to a cherry rhubarb crisp that was outstanding – they picked the dark cherries, I found a bit of rhubarb still growing, they harvested cat tail pollen while I swam, and combined with some oatmeal, local honey, cinnamon, and almonds it was beautiful and tasty as can be.

It is also time for more yellow dock pesto form the second batch of leaves –

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