Interview and Article

Last week I had the fun experience of climbing on a teeter totter with “Homeless Dave” who actually lives in a wonderful home very nearby…

He does interviews with people while sitting on the wooden plank with fulcrum… a rather pleasant way to spend time with someone and an interesting addition to an interview. I’ve enjoyed many of his past interviews and suggested a ride talking about wild edibles available locally would be a great topic. We went off on many other tangents, but you can read it for yourself if you’d like. This link is to the intro, and you can link form there to the interview or go straight to his transcript with photos.

We did get into the recent experience with the Co-op and the question about boycotting Israeli products. Another article that came out recently, I co-wrote with Kevin Sharp on the process – what we did wrong, what we did right. It was printed in The Cooperative Grocer, a national publication for Co-ops, May/June issue. The target audience is other Co-ops planning for boycott requests.

That’s my news for now… i have a whole stash of links I want to put up but life has been busy as well as peculiar stresses this time of year creates (grading, gardening, trying to swim as much as possible…)

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