glad to be a vegetarian

This is a clear and thoughtful post about the largest beef recall ever – over 142 million pounds. Spanning two years. The reason for the recall? Forcing “downer” cattle into the food chain. A practice that increases the danger of mad cow syndrome, as well as other possible diseased meat. A lesser concern is the cruelty that was documented.

I’m not enthused or attracted to the idea of eating an meat, but envisioning the vast compilation of thousands of cows that are contained in ground meat including cows that are too sick to even walk – it is a pretty gruesome concept. If I were to eat meat I would so much rather be eating known friendly cows. And that is what I suggest for my carnivorous friends and students and clients.

All I can add to this well done article is our food supply is sure messed up. And the priorities are positively bizarre. I am of course coming back to the raw milk concerns of so many regulatory agencies. Spending resources on this tiny fraction of the population voluntarily seeking out raw milk that could not enter the conventional food markets. And compared to the grotesque and inhumane conditions of our factory farms, which we know breed disease and ill health for the animals involved, raw milk should rightly be of miniscule concern. The disproportionate panic of raw milk concerns compared to a recall affecting millions of pounds of meat (or any of the recent recalls which seem more and more common) is just confounding.

Some things are just to bizarre and convoluted to understand. And just so clearly wrong.

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