A Sweet Spirit Dies

Juliana Zirinsky died Wednesday morning.
Her Parents are Bill Zirinsky and Ruth Schekter. One of the ways that many people know them is as the owners of Crazy Wisdom Bookstore.

Bill is a writer as well, and wrote a lovely obituary for her. She was just 9 years old.

She was a tiny small elf of a girl, and each time I met with her for bodywork or when I was at her house for a social event she was a sweet spirit who clearly saw and experienced life in a way far different than the rest of us, but who also clearly had great happiness within her special world.

She died at home, a good death, and at the visitation tonight Ruth told me that her therapeutic riding person was able to bring a pony to her house a few days before she died. For some reason the details of that story make me tear up. It is similar to the last visits Zomba used to provide for hospice residential clients – the nurses told me many patients seemed to wait for that last visit from the dog before dying, as if they wanted that final goodbye from the canine kingdom.

Bill and Ruth are special people within my community of friends, and beyond, and we grieve with them. The obituary tells more, the funeral is tomorrow afternoon and I’m certain it will be an extraordinary and sad gathering to wish her well on her way.

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  1. juliana was my sister and it still hurts me to see people sufferinf from her death.she was such a sweet gal and i will miss her so much

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