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The Oxford University Press has announced that Locavore is the word of the year. This is huge! We’ve moved form fringe idea to mainstream concept. Language is the beginning of change. What does the word actually mean?

“The word ‘locavore’ shows how food-lovers can enjoy what they eat while still appreciating the impact they have on the environment,” said Ben Zimmer, editor for American dictionaries at Oxford University Press. “It’s significant in that it brings together eating and ecology in a new way.”

“Locavore” was coined two years ago by a group of four women in San Francisco who proposed that local residents should try to eat only food grown or produced within a 100-mile radius. Other regional movements have emerged since then, though some groups refer to themselves as “localvores” rather than “locavores.” However it’s spelled, it’s a word to watch.

I’m sorry that “Colony Collapse Disorder” also made the list, as the “popularity” of this tragedy has become well known.
when it impacts food costs and availability we’ll know it even better. On a more positive we also have:

upcycling: the transformation of waste materials into something more useful or valuable

Language is powerful. It is a clear sign of change and gives us the words to better communicate concepts. Locavore is a concept that is of critical importance, and one that we will also need to continue to fight for. Raw milk is on the forefront of that fight, as well as the USDA’s general lack of support and insight into small farming. I continue to enjoy the intelligent discussions on this issue at Thecompletepatient.com

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