back to school

Today it begins. I have a staff meeting most of the day for the Rudolf Steiner High School. I won’t be teaching until the winter, but I try and stay connected to the school throughout the year. It will be easier this year since the bees are next to the campus.

In stead of focusing on health in Winter, I’ll start after Labor Day at Community High with the class on political organizing. That’s once a week. The herb classes continue in Sept twice a month, then in October I teach special unites for the UM Pharmacy School and Medical School in herbs with emphasis on herbal preperations (hands on).

I’m also excited for the infant massage classes that will start in October. October will be a busy month! It will also be time to extract honey – or earlier – whihc I hope will involved some of the Steiner students if possible.

I love the chance to teach, I’m just a little concerned about the balance of seeing clients, writing, teaching, and the volunteer work at hospice and the co-op. And having a life. But mostly I’m excited and looking forward to being inspired and sparked today by being at the school again.

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