It is Weird to Lose Weight

This information may surprise you. Losing weight is unsettling, and weird. Pick up something nearby that weighs three pounds. That’s my last bit lost in the past two months. Even over two months – it is weird. Clothes fit differently, sitting is uncomfortable on those unpadded bones. I look different in the mirror. I should feel normal around other normal people – but I still feel a bit startled. Now go pick up something that ways even fifty pounds. Or twice that 100 pounds. Even though it took ten years, I’m still weirded out by that much loss. There are also toxins and chemicals stored in fat that release into the system, straining the liver and other eliminative systems. That likely adds to the weird feeling. Even with just the recent three pound loss.
I love love love having been so successful in losing nearly 130 pounds now. But it sure is damn weird. And that is just the physical sensation. Emotionally it remains — startling is the best word I can come up with. Have some empathy for those going through it, it is a tricky strange thing on all sides.

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