Indian Spiced Lamb’s Quarters

A few nights ago I made my favorite greens recipe using lamb’s quarters, a common weed that grows in disturbed ground. Most gardens in Michigan have plenty of them, and they are more nutritious than a lot of the plants that people plant after removing them.

Here is the link to the recipe for “Aromatic Greens”, just use lamb’s quarters (Chenopodium) in place of kale or spinach. They also cook a bit quicker, so 10 -15 minutes of cooking time is fine.

I served these over baked potatoes. Rice, quinoa (also in the Chenopodium family), or other grains. At the same meal I served marinated tempeh. When I put the potatoes in to bake I put sliced tempeh into a mix of olive oil, vinegar, tamari, water, ginger, and a bit of Sriracha sauce. Once this marinated for 1.2 hour I put them onto a baking sheet lined in parchment paper, and baked with the potatoes until they were all done about 1/2 hour later.

A nice balance of the treat of baked potatoes, the very healthy (and free for the picking) Indian spiced greens, and the protein rich tempeh with a bit of hot.

There are more recipes for cooking greens and weeds in my cookbook, “Spinach and Beyond: Loving Life and Dark Green Leafy Vegetables” available from Amazon or from my web site. Just $12 plus shipping.

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