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Prickly pear fruit. A friend had some from south. Tasty, a bit slimy, and then there are the seeds. Sure are a lot of fruits in this world!

Autumn olive berries still tasty, if you can get there before the birds. Easy to freeze as well.

Tried to harvest or at least see cattail roots, but the stalks are too rotted to pull. Saw only dead parts, so not sure if anything edible.

Went through at least two grocery bags of apples, 1/2 again that much in pears. Over a quart of crabapples from last week, juiced whole.

My Champion juicer got a workout, did great with lots of fruit. Lots to compost and some pulp will go to making alcohol/vinegar.

Major processing in 2 hours over 2 gallons of cider and pear juice, also crabapple juice which needs some additives. But overall wow.

Picked a lot of comfrey leaves to make herbal vinegar. The med student class helped make it. They also tasted ginger and stinging nettles.

Danger! Danger! blog posting on wildcrafting

Picking up acorns. Picking up acorns. More acorns. I thought they were done, I was very very wrong. Lots more work still to do!

Pure sap (full strength straight from the tree) frozen for later use instead of water when cooking oatmeal, in bread recipes, or just drink.

Every maple tree in color makes me think of maple sugaring to come. Enjoying the syrup I made last year, and about to use the sap I froze.

Went for a walk and was tasting and picking up acorns etc. and the person I was walking with seemed uncomfortable. Wouldn’t try anything. Hm

I normally try to always use plant common name and Latin so there is no confusion. Hard to do with twitter I would run out of space so easil

My foraging friend shared acorn flour “acornbread” with me earlier. Dark, richer than normal, very nice and different. Interesting.

These are large tasty crabapples. I’d like to try juicing them. I like juice more than jam, and so many of these fruits jam is suggested.

Canoe trip on the Huron today. Harvested crabapples, pickerel weed seeds, cattail root tips, found watercress, still no wapato.

The recent rain washed away a lot of the flavor from the staghorn sumac fruit. Still a hint, but not the explode in your mouth tartness.

The pears are softening but the root cellar is too warm at 60 degrees. They are in the spare refrigerator, but they don’t seem happy there.

Recipe for layered polenta, SELMA Breakfast part two blogging

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