Dam out

I sent this e-mail to my council people, and the mayor. This is up for decision tomorrow, a rush to judgment on a very controversial issue. It would be good to have a decision, but there has been no new info, reports are still trickling in, nothing to justify a sudden decision.
And in my defense, I am on first name basis with John and Mike, so the informality is reasonable.
Dear John, Carsten, and Mike,

I don’t think I’ve had a chance to talk to you about the Argo dam. I’ve looked at the information from the Huron River Watershed Council, I’ve canoed the entire length of the Huron except for two lakes, I’ve talked to people pro and con. And my conclusion is the dam should be removed.

We know that dams are archaic, and not good environmental stewardship. This is an issue for the entire watershed up and down the river, not just Ann Arbor and certainly not just the rowers. The science says take the dam out. The economics say take the dam out. The environmental reasoning is the river is best served by being unrestricted. The proper thing to do is to begin to remove dams. Improving this dam in this day and age makes no sense at all. It is not looking at the long term needs of the river and the environment.

Process wise, a sudden rush to decision after all this time makes no sense. If you were waiting for more information, have you gotten it? I don’t think so. Is there a report, a study, or the results form a public hearing that make this the right time to decide? Not that I’ve heard. And certainly bringing a proposal to council with less than a weeks notice, after clearly hearin ghtat this is something that people care about passionately and with clear polarization, means you need to be very pro-involvement on the decision making process.

Please vote no on the dam in proposal.

At least object to the process so that the proper procedures can be followed. A rush to judgement now will create more negative feelings over not just the decision but the sudden rush to subvert a proper process.

Thanks for listening.

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