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I had just had homemade cherry pie at a friends, still warm, so a great contrast to Cherry Dogwood. I will explore tomorrow, perhaps juice?

Came home to a gift of Cornus mas fruit – from a Cherry Dogwood tree. Too tired to appreciate it totally, but tried one berry was very nice.

Blogging about guest host experience at SELMA “amazing” oatmeal and “awesome” applesauce.

Picking up the last of the acorns. Many more seem to now have worm holes. And of course the squirrels are working hard to take them all.

Made cornbread and added frozen service berries. The bag says Solstice 2008. From downtown corner of Liberty and Ashley. Very yummy.

Plaintain common name – Plantago – the common wide leafed plant found in lawns, paths and driveways. Decreases pain, promotes healing.

Plantain leaves can be ground with water and frozen (use food processor). Use later for cold sores, throat pain, if you bite your cheek.

Even that little bit of cold and frost can make the dandelion greens less bitter. Try some and see. Also improves the taste of rose hips.

Ground Cherries are still not ripe – they are full on green, only a few are yellow.

Of the toxic plants out there, many are dangerous because they contain large amounts of oxalic acid. Virginia Creeper berry current example

Wild grapes are ripe and edible. You need to be certain you can tell grapes from Virginia Creeper fruit which is toxic to kidneys.

Wonder if paw paw has chitinases, causes latex-fruit allergy. I feel this same sensation with Chyrsanthemums. I do have mild latex allergy.

Finally got to taste paw paw, similar to mango and papaya, but grows in MI. Suspect an allergy to it, however. Itchy around my mouth, eyes.

I keep noting Maple trees – thinking of who to ask to tap next Feb for maple sap to make syrup. I have friends with large trees. Good.

Guest chef for SELMA breakfast tomorrow. Only wild thing on the menu is applesauce, picked and made into sauce within an hour. 6:30 am frid

At wcbn studio recording for a show on healh mon. I will talk about wild food

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