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Interacting with Medical Students

Friday, October 4th, 2013

This was the week for being shadowed by UM first year Medical students. I had five students visit my basement office, over three days, and observe my work with clients or experience bodywork first hand. These future doctors continue to be interested, respectful, and even excited about the potential of combining and collaborating with integrative and alternative health care practitioners.
It is really fun and inspiring to have the contact with them. It is a great program, I believe it is now in the ninth year of providing these opportunities for learning and having a positive interaction. I’ve been part of it each year, and really do see that these future doctors are evolving in their curiosity and respect for non-mainstream health care. Things are changing, very much for the better in my view.
I had a great time and look forward to what happens next – which happens to be teaching a 3 session (6 hour) class in herbal preparations to 3rd year medical students in just two weeks.