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Warning: Problem with Charlie’s Laundry Soap

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Just because it says natural, there is still no real protection. Just because it is “hypoallergenic” doesn’t mean it can’t cause horrible skin reactions. And just because I had a problem, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a safe and great product for other people.

And, because I had a stunningly bad experience with this product I want to put that out onto the net so that if someone else does happen to have a similar problem they can have some validation. I don’t think it has to be removed, reformulated, or discontinued. But for a few of us who are super sensitive – don’t use it.

The symptoms came on slowly, and at a time when there were a lot of changes and stresses. So I suspected a lot of reasons for the blisters, itching, rash, and sores that I developed. But through the process of elimination, the only thing that caused immediate (within a day) improvement was rewashing all my clothes in another detergent. I chose Allen’s, known for being gentle and safe, and a product I had used before.

Night and day difference. In, ahem, the places where it really matters.

On the web, I found a lot of testimonials to how great this cleaner is, and I was actually very happy with what it did to my clothes. But I found a few scattered references to similar problems, and the company suggesting additional washings would solve the problem. The logic was that this cleaner brings out the old detergents in a way that can be irritating, and two more washings would flush that residue away. The garments that caused trouble had been washed multiple times, and I have never used harsh detergents in this washing machine or for the clothes I was washing, or for that matter not in the last 30 some years.

It took about a week for symptoms to nearly fully recede, but wearing something that didn’t get the rewash caused an immediate and painful flare up. So I’m convinced.

I will stick with Allen’s Laundry products now. And for body washing, my home made soaps – yes they are made with lye, and high quality olive oil thanks. Much less skin dryness since using them for the last 20 years. I’m not sure what I’m allergic to/reactive to now but it would be nice to know. I’ve also developed a recent latex allergy, so a change in body chemistry isn’t out of the question.

I hope that this account can help at least one suffering person. It is a complex world of dealing with chemicals and products natural or not. There sure is a lot out there that makes me suffer. Add Charlie’s Laundry Soap to the list.