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What the Heck eHarmony?

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Somewhere around 10 years ago I joined eHarmony for the first time. With their matching metrics, I didn’t do well as I was overweight. I had a couple of conversations with men, but even more who had in their profile that they were intolerant of anyone overweight. I quit after a few months, matches had dwindled to a few a week. In the three month period I recall just one phone date.
More recently, I talked to a number of people who had met and been happy with the service. So I tried it for a month, costing almost $50.

What the Heck eHarmony?

In that month I was “matched” with almost 650 men. The four or five that seemed interesting never responded to my first steps to connect. Nearly all of the matches were with men with less than college. Ah, I didn’t complete college myself. Although I teach at the University level and pursued an alternative education that I’m very proud of, not a college graduate. So I apparently was matched with mostly no college graduates.

Most of the matches (I’m thinking 75% at least) were somewhat or very conservative. Not a match.

About half the matches were “a good match outside of my settings”. Not one of those seemed like a good match.

eHarmony used to be known for their very careful, scientifically based formulas for success. 650 men in four weeks isn’t showing a lot of discrimination or filtering.

I responded to two men who contacted me, both seemed wildly inappropriate. The first “moved on” after getting my email. The second one said nothing, but eHarmony contacted me a few minutes later saying the account was likely hacked, I should stop contact with him, and to be safe. Well that was uncomfortable.

One man followed through after contacting me, and we are looking for a time for dinner. He was able to find me online based on the information I provided. So he bypassed the eHarmony structure in the end. Not as creepy as it sounds.

Today I’ve canceled my account, pulled photo and all the other written information from my profile, and stopped notifications. I do hope that is enough to get out of this wacky system.

I feel I’ve wasted a bit of money and a lot fo time for a service that is not what it seems.

Arbor Wiki – an underutilized resource for Ann Arbor

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Maybe you’ve checked it out for birthday specials. Maybe you’ve enjoyed the page I created on fountains and water features in Ann Arbor. Maybe you can add to it? That’s what a wiki is all about, and this one is special for Ann Arbor. Do you want to add your name and accomplishments? Check out a events? Wonder what restaurants have closed?

Like any wiki there is straight up practical information, as well as obscure and yet helpful stuff.

We can make this more of a treasure the more people participate. I learned about it from Ed Vielmetti who hosts editing parties and encourages contributors.

I’ve just made small contributions, but try and remember to add to it with useful bits of miscellaneous stuff form time to time.

Twitter “Wildcrafting”

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Here are the last ten updates from my twitter feed. Follow me on “wildcrafting”

# wildcraftingService berries are ripening. Look like blueberries, taste like, treat like same. Eat, freeze, pies… in small trees on many local streets2 minutes ago from web

# Linda Diane FeldtwildcraftingPicking weeds to demo at the green fair – mallows, comfrey, yellow dock, catnip, chocolate mint, burdock, celandine, lambs quarters, + moreabout 18 hours ago from web

# Linda Diane FeldtwildcraftingThe roots from from 1st year burdock. dandelion, chicory, wild carrot are very tasty right now. Raw in salads or stir fry or in vinegar.8:28 AM Jun 11th from web

# Linda Diane FeldtwildcraftingCelandine blooming, yellow flower, lobed leaves, yellow sap. Used for warts and liver, immune system, has side effects read about it first!2:32 PM Jun 10th from web

# Linda Diane FeldtwildcraftingSee weeds and pick up free helpful articles – Ann Arbor Green Fair Fri Jun 12 6-9 I’ll be on Washington between Liberty and Ashley2:28 PM Jun 10th from web

# Linda Diane FeldtwildcraftingFound ripe wild strawberries at the arb this morning. Tiny but totally packed with flavor. They won’t last long – a quick season. Yum!12:41 PM Jun 9th from web

# Linda Diane FeldtwildcraftingChive blossoms in organic white vinegar for 6 weeks pretty and tasty and extra minerals8:48 PM Jun 8th from txt

# Linda Diane Feldtwildcraftingchive blossoms can be added to salads for spice . Tear into small pieces8:46 PM Jun 8th from txt

# Linda Diane Feldtwildcraftingdames rocket flowers are fading but great in salads6:58 PM Jun 7th from txt

# Linda Diane FeldtwildcraftingA good day to harvest yellow dock for pesto – the leaves are huge.6:04 PM Jun 7th from web

A good use of twitter?

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

I just set up a twitter account, accessible from my cell. It is “wildcrafting”

My intent is to tweet info on seasonable edibles, medicinal herbs, sightings, and daily info on the what part to pick, when, and what to do with it. While it will be very specific to SE Michigan, the info will certainly apply elsewhere!

I’m also happy to share tips and sightings from others, just e-mail me ldfeldt (at)

I will also post info on the upcoming herb classes, events and other useful info. I’ll also post links back to this blog when I need to go on longer about something. Eventually, I’ll create a separate blog for the herbal stuff. But for now, all in one.

I’m very excited about using twitter in this way. Please join me, just follow me at — wildcrafting — on twitter!


Saturday, May 9th, 2009

I’m on twitter in case anyone wants to follow me. I promise to only talk about what I’m about to eat if it is somehow educational. Eventually I’ll have a couple of accounts so one will be personal stuff, one for herbal holistic stuff, one just for the web project, and ?? I’m still defining the categories of my life, so for now it is all


you can find me on twitter with that name. Not sure how I feel about the technology yet, but it has actually already been helpful in learning a few things.

The odd thing is people who are looking for keywords to follow. I’ve been picked up and then dropped. But I said something critical of and they are now following me. That’s creepy.interesting.

Facebook connections

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Because of Facebook, I had a lovely lunch today with a small Community High School Group. My brother, another Ann Arborite who was there are the same time, and a newly resurrected friend who was a student teacher ’74 ’75, now living in Boston. The requisite conversation of who died and how is always interesting, but there was much more than that to talk about. Marnee Thai was great as always, and it was a great reunion and return to that strange time in our lives. We all turned out well. And that’s nice.

more classes

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Thursday was a highlight as far as the enrichment classes go. A course on developing on-line classes was truly outstanding. Well presented, great ideas about developing the course, emphasizing teaching and not technology. But also addressing questions of what the goals are, how to evaluate, and then innovative ways to offer content. The planning process, the collaboration, it was all covered.

I was truly inspired, and believe the path is clear to develop both the online herbal classes as well as the larger project. Just fabulous, and I believe everyone in the room agreed.

Friday was a more mixed experience. I taught in them morning, then had a fun fast moving class in PB Wiki which is not PB Works. Much better idea of this tool, what is out there, and how to begin. I made an interesting connection with two women who are both interested in the oral history I did with my grandmother about UM Nursing School.

The afternoon class I found to be bad in every respect. It was on evaluating on line courses. A fellow participant and I talked after and agreed it was poorly done, but also the tool that was being taught seems to be extremely poor as an evaluation tool in that it doesn’t seem to examine what we felt were important aspects of on line courses. It didn’t seem to have any depth or breadth, just looking at simple parts out of context and asking questions about if it crashes or giving lots of points for more interaction.

We were both very disturbed by what we had seen and learned. Which was nice to have that validation.

So one class was bad, out of ten total. And a couple were just supremely valuable. Time well spent, but it made for a long and wonderful week!

Workshops in Indesign, Planning, and Social Networking

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Another busy day of learning. It started with a great class on Indesign. I know this program pretty well, but not using it for a year proved fatal. I went back into it to start the next phase of book creation and couldn’t remember the most basic stuff. So I took the workshop for the immersion experience and got exactly that. 2 hours with a competent user (and good teacher as well) turned on the memory and the details are coming back.

I biked to the class, over on Kipke drive, in the same building as the UM police – next to the stadium. interesting area I’ve never explored before.

I had time for a very quick lunch back home, and dash of to MLB for a class on planning your technology project. Strangely many of the people in the class where there more to learn how to teach how to plan a project. So a few made up their projects. Mine was one of the more evolved as well as large. It was helpful to spend the time planning, to have a few interesting worksheets, to validate some of my to date efforts, and certainly to learn a few things I had not considered at all.

I had to dash off from there to try and figure out which building was the Chemistry building, so arrived a little late for the workshop on alternative social networking. The instructor was a little disorganized and so native to the material he didn’t really break things down. And I had to work at a PC, so even finding the alt and delete key to begin (what a weird way to get a computer to turn on — I just so love Macs from the get go) took time.

But I also really like that style because if you interact with him and ask questions he was very present and excited and quick to respond. Very adaptive. We covered Ning, Google Sketchup, and Twitter. So it jump started me into twitter. I have five followers already today. I’m there – lindadianefeldt

Considering ning for my project, but I have questions about interface and branding. Yet it seems that the portal concept that integrates existing tools and applies them to the subject is cost effective, efficient, and very much what is happening. I just need to consider the integration aspect. It is thinking in a different way – your tools are all over the world literally, yet also immediate through a common web portal. It can appear to be one thing, and yet proximity is also irrelevant. It is a very different way of thinking about design and it isn’t natural to me yet but increasingly so.

I was turned around in the building and ended up exiting via the Diag. I was feeling grumbly about that when I encountered these huge flower beds filled with tulips at their total prime and it was amazing. The late afternoon sun brought out colors that were awesome – peak tulip experience for me!!

I enjoyed the bike ride home, Nala was happy to see me and we took off for a bit of a walk which she very much needed. I had enough energy then to see a client, return a bunch of stacked up phone calls, eat, and fall asleep in front of the TV (ooops).

Today – a class on Public speaking, then I teach my 9th grade double class, and a reception at the new Museum. Then home for more at home work especially on the Co-op.

UM Faculty Enrichment, Jane McGonical

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

My father was an early developer of simulation gaming. So the title of Jane’s Talk – “Why Gaming is the future of Learning” seemed 40 years late to me. But with the current on-line technologies, gaming has become something altogether different.
She described the allure of games a number of ways, what I heard was that the clear boundaries, a “heroes” task, great feedback (stats), strong social fabric and the “constant awe wonder and curiosity” make alternate games strongly appealing, and indeed for many better than “real” life.

I hadn’t considered the “quest” part of gaming in a social science sort of way. She describes a real life “game” that now connected people who like those hero ‘s tasks with people who need help. You sign up on line for a time slot and geographic location, and people who ned help make requests. Her examples are a person who didn’t have time for coffee running to meet a train, can request someone available to meet him on the train with that coffee.

Or, if she would like a full house for her talk today (the “pringle” auditorium was mostly full but not entirely) she could contact the Ann Arbor volunteer questors who have signed up on line and ask them to come fill the remaining seats. And maybe if her need was for a standing ovation, they could make that happen as well.

The interest in specific quests, heroic tasks, missions and all was interesting to contemplate. There is that social drive to help, and a frustration in being able to do that in the “real” world can certainly drive some of the interest in an alternative option. And since I’m interested in dog training, I know that immediate reinforcement is essential in shaping behavior and teaching. The running stats and points and upgrade of status is certainly positive reinforcement!

The other aspect of gaming that she emphasized is the collaborative nature. Unlike sports and team games, online alternate reality games tend to reinforce collaboration. In a couple of talks this has been a theme for future work. In a grand rounds talk recently the mention of a PhD or tenure defense requiring proof of collaborative efforts as well as the publish or perish idea really stood out for me. And then Jane actually used the phrase “collaborate or perish” in her talk. Yes.

She described a successful collaboration as having these components:
**satisfying work
**experience of being (or doing) good
**time spent with people you like
**part of something larger than yourself

Simple, but also something that games can deliver in a clear, direct, and contained way. She provided a link to her powerpoint, and invited people to use it however we wanted. I’ve included the link here.

The other thing that happened is that her presentation gave me more permission to come into a classroom going for that feeling of awe and wonder. And allowing the drama and excitement to emerge. I was beginning my 9th grade block that afternoon, so it was a good place to be. And the topics? Just life and death. Safety, followed by drugs and addictions. Hey – no one fell asleep in my class yesterday.

Internet Safety

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

I did a short presentation tonight at the Steiner School on technology and safety. I put a lot of thought and effort into preparing a simple handout, and then introducing a few ideas about technology and trying to build awareness about what students may be doing, and some concerns and ideas for dealing with the subject.

I’ll post the hand out on my web site soon, or e-mail me and I can send a copy. A lot of people made great suggestions during its creation. The A2B3 group in particular.

It was well received. And my brief survey of parents and their experience with the issues seem to indicate that it may be an important thing to bring up and deal with. I think we’ll be hearing a lot more about this as time goes by.